Monday, November 20, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Monday, November 20, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

B.C.'s upcoming referendum on electoral reform will stand, Attorney-General says
Doctor's at B.C. hospital question why police eavesdrop on suspects in ER
Vancouver's housing and opioid crises are linked, says addictions expert
Grand Forks considers year round homeless shelter
Comox Valley boil water notice expected to last days
Warm, wet weather forecast brings heightened risk for B.C. avalanches
Winter 2018 will be colder than last year, but forecasters split on how bad it will get
Do NDP respond to half a billion in uncollected fraudsters penalties
Waffling Watts under fire in B.C. Liberal leadership fight
B.C. refers expensive drug to special committee for coverage
Brace  yourself for the 'classic' Canadian winter: meteorologist
Mike Smyth: Here's my Site C prediction
B.C. Liberal leadership debate focuses on Vancouver Island
Premier asks for re-do on Highway 14 study
Wet Weather expected for much of coastal B.C.
China a better partner than U.S.
ICBC overbilling for crash repairs not the problem, dealers say
What the B.C. government should do about the housing crisis
Vancouver School Board hires new superintendent

B.C. wildfire evacuee says scammers used his address to claim relief funds
B.C. couple accuses realtor of double-dealing, secretly representing both buyer and seller
City of Kelowna takes legal action against medical marijuana dispensaries
Vernon neighbourhood divided over supportive housing
B.C. government approves coverage of expensive drug Soliris on case-by-case basis
B.C. will get lots of snow this winter but Metro Vancouver won't be hit hard like last year

Five policies that would have helped me stay in Vancouver
A Vancouver parable: False prophets, Green illusions and Vanishing neighbourhoods

Ottawa Observations: Monday, November 20, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Monday, November 20, 2017

Route for Keystone XL approved, clearing way for Alberta oil
Senators pay tribute to citizens - and themselves - with medals for 150th birthday
Morneau didn't seek clearance from ethics commissioner before introducing pension bill
B.C.'s upcoming referendum on electoral reform will stand, Attorney General says
Campaign 2000 urges Liberal government to be more aggressive in tackling poverty
U.S. decision to end temporary permits for almost 60,000 Haitians has Canada on alert
Amendments to Montreal protocol aims to slow global warming
Seeking 'equal footing' in missing and murdered inquiry, victims' families ask for joint standing
Australian official lashes out at Trudeau amid spat over Pacific Trade Deal
15,000 on Canada's deportation list, but some 'unco-operative' countries won't take their citizens back
Canada on alert as U.S. announces end to temporary resident status for Haitians
Morneau says he's sold all shares in family's pension company, made donation to charity
U.S negotiators squeezed at home, abroad during NAFTA talks
Justin Trudeau may be a TV star, but he's not quite living up to the West Wing
Nebraska OKs 'alternative route' for Keystone XL pipeline
McKenna says amendment signed to Montreal protocol
NDP's Malcolmson seeks secret ballot vote of MPs to save bill on abandoned boats
U.S. negotiators getting squeezed at home, abroad during NAFTA talks
Apology to LGBTQ community first step toward healing
U.S. NAFTA auto proposal faces criticism from Canada, Mexico and American car players
Refuse to be part of the herd
Laurier University owes Canadians an explanation
Canada's wealthy may have started a tax revolt, an Ontario is the first to notice
You know, there's a reason no one's put in a guaranteed annual income yet
Canadian military investigating after reservist dies in training accident at CFB Shilo
Parents of alleged ISIL member 'Jihadi Jack' plead with Canadian MPs to help free him from Syria
New Zealand PM speaks to rumour that Trump mistook her for Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
The only thing hanging over Canada's economy is one five-letter word
Canadians think their government ministers are doing a good job - if they even know who they are
Huge gains, few risks: Report slams Canada's CEO pay model
Canada can't deport illegal foreigners as countries are refusing to take them
Killings at Canadian-owned gold mine in Mexico jolt NAFTA talks
Trudeau defends Morneau by calling questions over ethics investigation 'cheap shots'
Canada concerned about returning ISIS fighters Justin Trudeau says
National security bill to face closer scrutiny as soon as next week
What happens if Trudeau, ministers actually broke the law?
Bill Morneau gets a failing grade from Canadians, poll says
Jagmeet Singh and the shunning of Parliament
The national housing strategy promises big spending, but is it money well spent?
What, Me worry? Humans are blind to Imminent Environmental collapse
Pierre Trudeau said opposition MPs were nobodies but now his son's cabinet ministers are mostly unknown

Province continues investigation into CN Rail spraying program of fall

The Ministry of Environment has not as of yet outlined the results of its investigation into a weed spraying program conducted by Canadian National Railways this fall, however a local environmental group has provided for their input to the topic.

A number of media reports over the weekend noted that the T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation has found the chemical Glyphosate on plants collected along the railway between Terrace and Prince Rupert.

The environmental Society raised its concerns with the province after member Luanne Roth had noticed the lengthy trail of dead vegetation along the rail tracks during recent travels from Terrace to Prince Rupert.

Glyphosate Residue found near CN Rail Tracks (audio)
Glyphosate residue found on dead leaves next to CN tracks

Photos above from the T Buck Suzuki Foundation, which the Environmental
Society says indicate a spraying program along CN right of ways across Northwest BC

The Prince Rupert Environmental Society is also continuing with its information collection process, by seeking the assistance of anyone who may have noticed the spraying taking place in early October.

The Ministry of Environment has not provided any further background to the investigation other than a notice that it has forwarded the file to the province's Conservation Officer Service for further investigation into issues of non-compliance.

CN Rail continues to work with Ministry officials as they conduct their investigation, but in a statement for the Northern View newspaper, said that the use of Glyphosate was through a product registered and a permitted under the federal Pest Control products Act.

There has been no indication from the Ministry of Environment when the Conservation Service may be finished with their investigation.

More items of interest related to CN Rail and its Northwest operations can be found on our archive page.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Saturday/Sunday, November 18 & 19, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Memorial Service for Constable John Davidson

First responders grieve Abbotsford police officer killed on duty
Mourning a fallen officer, thousands fill Abbotsford arena
Full regimental funeral for Constable John Davidson attracts thousands in Abbotsford
Thousands mourn Abbotsford constable John Davidson
'An officer and a gentleman': Constable John Davidson is laid to rest
Constable. John Davidson's children deliver tearful speech at Abbotsford memorial service
As Abbotsford first responders mourn, neighbouring crews fill the gap
Emotional memorial for fallen Abbotsford officer John Davidson
Constable John Davidson funeral in Abbotsford attracts police officers from far and wide

On Hydro, B.C. Premier John Horgan borrows a trick from the Liberal repertoire
Coquihalla Highway closed between Hope and Merrit
Vancouver stalled on demolition permit for historic home to avoid paying owners, judge says
Vancouver's homeless face cruel dilemma - do you risk lighting a fire to survive the cold?
Watchdog group says province should strengthen disclosure rules for local politicians
Crop theft a growing concern for some farmers
BC Liberal leadership debate focuses on Vancouver Island
Wish list at odds with balanced budget
B.C. Liberal leadership candidates debate different paths for party
Ride-share pioneer drives up quietly to B.C. battleground
Whistler employees being squeezed by real estate boom
Former police sergeant alleges TransLink doesn't want weekend bar crowd on SkyTrain late at night

Ottawa Observations: Saturday/Sunday, November 18 & 19

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Saturday/Sunday November 18 & 19, 2017

Ottawa sets date for LGBTQ apology, but compensation not yet settled
Ukraine issues call for Canadian defensive weapons
Top Afghan government official says Taliban should have a place at peace talks
Liberal failure to make key federal appointments is a disappointment
Has Trudeau sunk Canada's chances of joining East Asian Summit?
Disability rights advocates fight 'demeaning' immigration criteria
Afghanistan looks to Canada for more training support
Ottawa to apologize for persecuting LGBT public servants
In Maxime Bernier's not-quite-tell-all book, he promises to reveal how he can 'fix' Canada
Canada's top general pushes back against critics of peacekeeping plan
Former Mexican president warns Trudeau not to be 'Judas' in NAFTA talks
Slow start to fifth round of NAFTA talks in Mexico City
Charity with ties to Trudeau excluding Quebecers from contest
Head of NATO tells Canada to gear itself up for Russian cyber threats
'Canada does not engage in death squads,' while allies actively hunt down their own foreign fighters
Bob Rae on Rohingya crisis in Burma: "It's more than an emergency'
U. S. releases updates list of tough NAFTA negotiation objectives as talks resume
Singh does not need a seat in Commons
False promises in climate change goals
Trudeau's spending on path to fiscal calamity
Liberal green agenda needs a little humility
Canadian troops in Latvia warned their social media accounts and cell phones could be 'manipulated or misused'
The Liberals' housing plan unlikely to help first-time buyers
Justin Trudeau set to head to China in December to open free trade talks
Nebraska to announce Keystone XL pipeline decision Monday
U.S. being a bully on NAFTA: Unifor boss Jerry Dias

Friday, November 17, 2017

Victoria Viewpoints: Friday, November 17, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Provincial scene:

Provinces to keep control of online cannabis sales
It takes a village to care for the homeless; just ask this high-school student
Mental health and addictions centre to open on Riverview site in Coquitlam
New mental health centre on Riverview lands to open in 2019
Vancouver arts education centre to move into vacated Emily Carr University building
Coroners jury calls for changes to ambulance design after B.C. man falls out of vehicle and dies
Public inquest ordered for shooting of distraught man holding two-by-four
Greens' Weaver convinced NDP will support Site C, an 'irritating decision
Lights Camera inaction, why B.C. must defend the status quo
Greens lay out alternatives for B.C. hydro
Schools shaken by quake safety inequities
Riverview youth mental health centre proceeds
The made in BC water cannon that wasn't used to fight its wildfires last summer
BC NDP government comes around to controversial 'Panda Bonds'
Feds to spend more that $325M to tackle gangs and gun crime
Teachers who won in court plead for help, say VSB playing 'shell games'
Translink's new double-decker buses will begin service in Metro Vancouver next week
How many fights and hospital visits could TransLink prevent by extending weekend SkyTrain hours?

Ottawa Observations: Friday, November 17, 2017

Our compilation of some of the stories of note from the day, reviewing the political developments from the Federal scene for Friday, November 17, 2017

Tory pit bull Poilievre looks for 'vulnerability' in attacks on Morneau
Mexico working on compromise on NAFTA rules of origin for vehicles, sources say
Longtime politician Paul Quassa chosen as fourth premier of Nunavut
Ottawa urged to intervene in Iraqi Kurds' dispute with Baghdad
Trudeau's 'deliverology' on the verge of becoming a punchline
'Canada does not engage in death squads' while allies actively hunt down their own foreign fighters
Public safety minister announces $327.6M to fight gangs and gun violence
National Holocaust Monument to stay open all winter
Canada sends bomb-clearing engineers to Iraq at ISIS retreat leaves country littered with IEDs
Alex Trebek, Tragically Hip receive Order of Canada
How the provinces are planning for pot legalization
Brian Pallister broke arm during solo hike in New Mexico, briefly reported missing
Say Donald Trump kills NAFTA. Here's what experts say will happen to Canada
Ottawa should finish the job on advocacy work by charities
When politicians get that faraway look in their eyes
Peacekeeping always seems like a good idea at the time
Canada can lead crusade to stop use of child soldiers: Dallaire, Whitman
Kill them before they come home? Too un-Canadian
Canada robs itself of energy prosperity
Why CiA plotted to sabotage Canada only one month before Cuban Missile Crisis
Economy is hot, but Liberals not? Maybe voters have realized the limits of PM"s powers
Russian fake-news campaign against Canadian troops in Latvia includes propaganda about litter, luxury apartments
The Liberals find a reasonable solution for face-saving on peacekeeping
Guess which 12 states are the biggest losers if NAFTA is killed (hint they all voted for Trump)
CN Rail hiring spree to continue into 2018 amid upsurge in shipments
Feds to spend more than $325M to tackle gangs and gun crime
The loonie is falling again