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Commission of Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Archive page

With the two year Commission of inquiry into the Murder and Disappearance of Indigenous Women and Girls about to begin its work in September of 2016, we will be tracking many of the items of note through the inquiry phase with this Archive page.

Below we will feature links from various news services, as well as any original material that we may include as the months move forward.

The anchor point for the Archive will be found on our Right hand column under Extra Editions.

The Introduction of the Commission can be viewed here from the Federal Government website.

Our review of news items can be found below, items noted with NCR come from our companion blog the North Coast Review:

February 2017

February 7 -- Women and girls to remain primary focus of MMIW inquiry commission says
February 7 -- Government Operations Centre monitored missing and murdered Indigenous women rallies

February 4 -- MMIW commission off to a bumpy start as communications director let go

January 2017

January 6 -- Authorities take another look at how well indigenous women knew their killers
January 6 -- NWAC Seeks Greater Efforts for MMIWG National Inquiry
January 6 -- Canada's inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast
January 6 -- Group says MMIWG inquiry should do better to keep families informed  (audio)
January 5 -- MMIW inquiry gets low grades in 1st report card
January 3 -- Inquiry into Missing, Murdered Indigenous women will strain health resources: authors

December 2016

December 30 -- Northern Manitoba grand chief looks back at 2016 and the fight for MMIW
December 30 -- Who gets to speak on behalf of the Indigenous community?
December 27 -- Martha Troian reflects on launch of MMIW inquiry
December 23 -- Missing and Murdered Women Commission launch new website for families  NCR
December 21 -- Fay Blaney says closer examination of violence against indigenous women needed in inquiry
December 21 -- Quebec premier announces 2-year inquiry into treatment of Indigenous people
December 21 -- Quebec to hold public inquiry into province's relationship with Indigenous people
December 21 -- Quebec calls inquiry into systemic racism after Val-d'Or allegations
December 21 -- Alberta Williams case considered 'very active' after CBC Podcast exposure  NCR
December 20 -- Missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry launches new website
December 20 -- Voice among thousands of missing and murdered: Jamie Koebel shares her traumatic story
December 20 -- New website launched for MMIW commission to help connect families
December 19 -- The MMIW inquiry begins in 2017. Victims' families want answers
December 17 -- Drive to include men in MMIW inquiry undermined by association with controversial men's rights group
December 14 -- Advocate for missing women inquiry backs away from process so he can heal
December 10 -- Why are Indigenous leaders partnering with MRA groups
December 9 -- A truly feminist government would consider plight of Indigenous Men
December 8 -- B.C. to resume issuing reports on inquiry into missing women
December 8 -- B.C. keeps families of missing women in the dark audit says
December 7 -- 'She was Aboriginal. She had an addiction': Sister of MMIW says family had to push police
December 7 -- BC Aboriginals urge all genders be included in murdered women's inquiry
December 6 -- AFN BC regional chief issues apology, resigns #MMIW portfolio over Instagram photo
December 5 -- Manitoba government questions value of Special Advisor on Indigenous Women's Issues position
December 4 -- MMIW commission won't hear testimony from families until Spring 2017
December 2 -- Indigenous feminists strategize before MMIW inquiry
December 2 -- Pallister and NDP spar over role of Indigenous women adviser

November 2016

November 30 -- 'Gender inclusive' inquiry for indigenous men not for everyone
November 30 -- Saskatchewan woman wants inquiry into missing, murdered Indigenous men
November 30 -- Saskatchewan group raising awareness for missing and murdered indigenous men
November 29 -- The Indigenous women of Val-d'Or deserve equal justice
November 22 -- Cass McCombs shares video inspired by Canada's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
November 21 -- Sexual abuse in Indigenous communities likely to dominate inquiry into murdered, missing women
November 20 -- Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: Child Abuse to be a Key Theme in Inquiry
November 18 -- Aboriginal women 'feel anger' no charges laid against Val-d'Or officers
November 15 -- B.C. limits on probe into missing, murdered indigenous women vex advocates
November 6 -- Rona Ambrose will support inquiry into missing, murdered Indigenous women
November 4 -- Missing, Murdered Indigenous women cases face systemic review in Thunder Bay
November 3 -- Northern resource development tied to violence against Indigenous women: report

October 2016

October 31 -- CBC News Investigative Unit's Alberta Williams Podcast retraces case file; seeks new clues  NCR
October 30 -- Inquiry to remain focused on missing women despite Chilliwack call for expansion
October 28 -- Katherena Vermette gets her big break: A debut novel starring Winnipeg's North End
October 27 -- Justice Minister Anton visits Williams Lake
October 26 -- Missing, murdered inquiry expectations need to be adjusted, WRFN community circle hears
October 25 -- NGO's issue statement to coincide with Committee on the elimination of Discrimination Against Women meeting
October 25 -- Brett Merchant walk reaches Prince Rupert
October 24 -- Man walks from Alberta to Haida Gwaii along Highway 16
October 24 -- Who killed Alberta Williams (podcast)
October 24 -- Keep the focus on missing and murdered women
October 20 -- Meet the reporter behind a New, Must-Listen Canadian Crime Podcast
October 20 -- Support for families of MMIW to increase
October 20 -- 'Pig Girl' - a play about #MMIW portrayed by Akwesasne Mohawk women
October 19 -- Call from Chilliwack for expanded MMIW inquiry to add men and boys
October 19 -- Inuit women's group frustrated by lack of communication on MMIW inquiry
October 18 -- MMIW families still waiting for promised help, Bernadette says
October 17 -- Explore B.C.'s notorious Highway of Tears in new virtual reality documentary
October 17 -- RCMP say Highway of Tears killers may never be caught
October 17 -- MMIW public forum: 'Cold cases should have been solved,' says mother of Ramona Wilson
October 16 -- MMIW case ends with difficult answers for family decades after death
October 16 -- Amnesty International teaches teenagers to become ativists
October 14 -- Man and Dog walking the Highway of Tears to raise awareness of Murdered and Missing Young women
October 13 -- In Focus: "It opens wounds, every time someone goes missing" - Bernadette Smith
October 13 -- Renewed calls for MMIW inquiry to include missing men, 7 months after B.C. boy vanishes
October 8 -- World is watching: commissioner of missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry
October 5 -- Canada Slammed for 'Lack of Progress' on Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
October 5 -- MMIW gathering in Vancouver focuses on  children abused in care
October 5 -- New photo shoot shows #MMIWG families in a different light
October 5 -- Prime Minister met skepticism from MMIW families
October 5 -- Inquiry delay frustrates MMIW families
October 5 -- Native women's group frustrated by 'no visible progress' in national inquiry
October 5 -- Annual MMIW march in Montreal demands action  now
October 4 -- Highway of Tears Walker Brett Merchant receives Wet'Suwet'en Blessing
October 4 -- Trudeau urged to Act faster on Missing, Murdered Women at Rally
October 4 -- Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook remembered at MMIW vigil on Parilament Hill
October 4 -- Annie Pootoogook remembered during MMIW vigil attended by PM Trudeau
October 4 -- Take back the Highway Community Feast and Vigil tonight  NCR
October 4 -- Sudbury Walk raises awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women
October 4 -- 'We're back again. We want justice'" Activists hold MMIW vigil on Parliament Hill
October 4 -- Sisters in Spirit vigils planned across Saskatchewan
October 4 -- Assembly of First Nations stands with Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls at 10th annual Sisters in Spirit vigils
October 3 -- Canada's void: A talk on our indigenous peoples
October 3 -- Vancouver candlelight vigil for missing women one of hundreds nationwide
October 4 -- 'Not just numbers': Sisters in Spirit vigil remembers
October 1 -- Aboriginal youth seek shoes for Calgary MMIW art project

September 2016

September 30 -- Dear police: keep posting racist remarks to highlight systemic issues
September 30 -- 'Indeed racist': Inuit want Ottawa police to suspend Sergeant over online comments
September 29 -- Ottawa man who discovered police officer's comments talks about Chief's response
September 29 -- 'I guess there was so much racism ... it didn't get investigated' Decades later a community mourns
September 29 -- Woman brings complaint against Thunder Bay police after disparaging comments about Indigenous people
September 27 -- Inuit women's group ask for apology after senator accuses them of racism
September 26 -- Calgary sisters launch shoe project to represent missing and murdered indigenous women
September 26 -- RCMP pitched parallel process for national MMIW inquiry
September 25 -- Canadian police must acknowledge racial bias to fix it, Indigenous activists say
September 24 -- Short film about MMIW shot in Saskatchewan
September 14 -- Thunder Bay police respond to allegations trainer was verbally assaulted in race-relations course
September 13 -- Police accused of verbal assault during taining session on missing, murdered Indigenous women
September 12 -- Caribou legs runs for the Missing
September 8 -- Is Justin Trudeau a fake feminist?
September 8 -- Why clicking on this story about Indigenous people matters
September 2 -- Goal of MMIW inquiry is achieving societal change: Michele Audette
September 2 -- Chief of MMIW inqury says Inuit will not be sidelined as work begins
September 1 -- Justice for families requires MMIW inquiry investigate role of police
Septmeber 1 -- National Inquiry begins (video)
September 1 -- As the long-awaited MMIW inquiry begins, another young woman goes missing
September 1 -- For Val-d'Or Indigenous community, hope and frustration as MMIW inquiry begins
September 1 -- The challenges facing inquiry into missing, murdered indigenous women
September 1 -- Canada is Finally Launching an Inquiry into its Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis
September 1 -- What you should know about the MMIW inquiry
September 1 -- Marion Buller, Head of MMIW Inquiry has been touched personally by Tragedy
September 1 -- Canada's National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Begins
September 1 -- "It Could Have been Me"

August 2016

August 31 -- #MMIWG chief commissioner talks about putting together the national inquiry
August 31 -- MMIW chief commissioner says 'concrete' recommendations needed
August 31 -- Nine things to know about the national inquiry into missing and murdered women
August 31 -- Marion Buller, head of MMIW inwuiry says 'don't expect to hear from us right away'
August 30 -- 'Vast country' makes MMIW inquiry timeline a challenge, says former head of Pickton inqury
August 30 -- Lessons from the Oppal hearings going into the MMIW inquiry
August 30 -- Manitoba all in for inquiry into murdered, missing indigenous women and girls
August 30 -- Manitoba gives access to provincial research for MMIW inquiry
August 30 -- Manitoba ready for missing, murdered women inquiry
August 30 -- 5 questions for MMIW inquiry about disputed 'no foul play' cases
August 30 -- MMIW inquiry can examine Manitoba if it wants
August 29 -- Can the #MMIWG inquiry eventually help keep Indigenous women out of prison?
August 25 -- Saskatchewan planning for involvement in national inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women
August 24 -- Complaints about police go back a long way for families of #MMIWG
August 18 -- Head of Quebec chiefs says province must hold its own independent inqury
August 17 -- Province of Quebec won't call independent #mmiw inquiry after all
August 17 -- Missing women inquiry can't overlook colonialism, observers say
August 27 -- Indigenous Affairs Minister talks about upcoming #mmiw national inquiry
August 16 -- Justice for Canada's indigenous women
August 10 -- Inuit family shares personal story of tragedy ahead of #mmiw inquiry
August 10 -- Head of missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry 'able to walk in both worlds'
August 10 -- Missing women inquiry pre-determined
August 9 -- Former Commissioner Oppal gives some insight on what to expect at #MMIW national inquiry
August 8 -- Coalition raises concerns over MMIW National inquiry
August 7 -- Cross Country Check Up: MMIW inquiry: what are your hopes and fears (Audio)
August 5 -- Prince Ruper Transition Society on Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Inquiry (video)
August 5 -- Two year mandate for Commission of Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls  NCR

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